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Green Permanent Structures

We offer high-quality, low-cost, sustainable green building products and structures. Our products & systems are used to construct walls, floors, roofs & ceilings which produce super-big energy savings at a much higher quality than is experienced with conventional temporary building systems.

Our specialty is integrated, permanent structural building products that can deliver up to an R-50 to R-70 energy rating without sucking every last penny out of your bank.

Permanent structures are designed to withstand fires, extremely high winds, earthquakes, remain impervious to termite & insect infestations, withstand flooding, and resistant to unhealthy mold & fungal growths.

Permanent structures are absolutely the strongest, stiffest and straightest type of building you can find, even more so when compared side-by-side to other conventional, temporary structures.

Residential energy is responsible for releasing nearly 21% of the total carbon emissions. Wowsers!! That adds up to about the same as all the cars on the road right now, which are also releasing nearly 22% of the total carbon emissions.

Reducing the amount of energy used for heating and cooling can significantly cut the emissions produced by our homes and commercial buildings. An even further reduction in emissions is aided by the use of more energy efficient appliances, windows, & lighting.

That's where insulated concrete (ICF) and steel homes play a huge part in reducing harmful emissions. An ICF and steel home not only will free you from the rising cost of energy, but economically allows you to build a structure with near-zero energy consumption, and capable of withstanding most major disasters. Steel and concrete homes are one of the easiest solutions for creating a more energy independent culture.

Build better and save our precious resources, while investing in a more permanent type of structure. With our sustainable energy building package we can guarantee a savings of 80% or more. This means at least 80% of the money you hand over to your utility companies can be kept for yourself— use it on vacations, college educations, retirement, investments, recreation, or simply save it for a rainy day.

Discover for yourself how concrete and steel building technologies have come a long way to construct buildings easier, faster and better than ever before.

Find out how labor costs can actually be reduced by at least 35%, often times more, by simply using steel and concrete building systems on your next building project.





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