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Aug 14, 2007
Construction Express News, "Building for the Future":

With energy playing a larger role in building and design than ever before, we're realizing that this has just as much to do with health and the environment as it does with operations and the bottom line. Welcome to an era in which a building's energy productivity is a huge factor in business and global competition.

A recent study by the Energy Information Administration (EIA) states that the global industrial sector accounts for 27 percent of the total projected increase (57 percent) in the world's liquid energy demand between 2004 and 2030, surpassed only by the transportation sector.

Modest investments in energy-saving and other climate-friendly technologies can yield buildings and communities that are environmentally responsible, profitable and healthier places to live and work. You can start by being informed. The DOE online provides information, developments, trends and practical energy-saving tips.
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